If Baghdad Falls – Roger Simon – Politico.com

Iraqis inspect the damage after a wave of attacks in Baghdad killed at least 57 people in 2011. | Getty

So it goes. Having left Iraq after the deaths of 4,500 U.S. troops and an incredible $2 trillion spent, we are now heading back to prop up a murderous despot, who has carried out a religious war against his enemies in part by using U.S. arms. ( Also on POLITICO: Adm. Howard: We ‘need to be’ in Iraq ) Actually, we never totally left Iraq, because we built the biggest, most expensive embassy in the world there, which employs 5,500 people. By comparison, the White House staff numbers 1,701 people. As Islamic insurgents are now sweeping down toward Baghdad, we have already begun a partial embassy evacuation, though the State Department prefers to say people are being temporarily relocated. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby has assured us that U.S. military forces have the assets and resources necessary to evacuate our personnel should Baghdad fall. But were not there yet, he said. Yet.