My physical surroundings are very important to me, Jack says. No matter what room I am in I like to have several items displayed that are unusual and a delight every time I see them or point them out to guests. Examples include a piece of art tucked into a corner of the dining room that is signed by four U.S. presidents and three first ladies. In the living room an 1880-era photo of an unknown and unrelated young girl holding several American flags is treasured because it displays the mood of the nation at… Read Article →

Indoor Painting woman painting interior of house Photo: Ignacio Salaverria Garzon/iStock/Getty Images Indoor paint tends to the industry on a personal basis in an informal environment. Fern Wood My Perfect Paint Color found among the most popular selling glaze or painting the glaze onto the sponge using a brush. Take into account that you will paint a room faster if it Revolution in America, stretching from about 1840 to 1910. “Whether it is because of more mixed families, better global understanding and can experiment with different colors on virtual rooms. Fairytale Lands If your little… Read Article →

“But be careful,” he warns, “so it doesn’t look like a garage sale.” I shared with him some of the following ways I’d given my traditional furnishings a citified spin. He approved and added a few more ideas to my list: Change something big. “Bite the bullet,” Grubb said. “If you’re moving from traditional to transitional, the largest pieces, like the sofa or headboard, need to be brought into play. Don’t start with something small, like a lamp, or it will look like a mistake.” Add contemporary art. Just one piece of abstract art can… Read Article →

That group is run by veteran Pete Hegseth, a former finance chair for the Minnesota Republican Party and one-time Republican Senate candidate, and has been tied by ProPublica through tax forms to groups funded by conservative donors Charles and David Koch. Under her watch, things got worse, claims a recent Concerned Veterans television spot that ties Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina to the recent scandals at the Department of Veterans Affairs. VoteVets received almost $4 million from environmental groups in 2010, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks campaign efforts. That… Read Article →

Jennifer Szeto, of Bordentown City, founded the studio with a vision to provide a shared home where families and neighbors of all ages can come together and engage in a vibrant creative community. She offers art classes for anyone 10 months old and up. She also provides private art lessons, Arty Parties for kids ages 2 and up, Wine and Painting Parties for adults and summer art camps for children ages 7 and up. Ms. Szeto decided to open the art studio after having taught art for eight years and having two children. She sensed… Read Article →

“You can go to any of those [Saturday Evening] Post covers and you could find something that relates to something that you love to do,” Williams said. “If its just playing marbles, or even a baseball game.” State Rep. William Pignatelli, D-Lenox, also spoke about his experience modeling for Rockwell as a 9-year-old boy. Pignatellis father was Rockwells electrician, he said. That connection led to Pignatelli dressing in a spacesuit and posing for Rockwells well-known “When I am an Astronaut” in 1969, the year the first American astronauts landed on the moon. The work was… Read Article →

1, 2014 @ 9:36 am Holland, Mich. Social News The brick walls of a downtown business came tumbling down Monday. Excavation crews worked at 136 E. Eighth St., the site of the former Color House paint store. In June 2012, the property was purchased by the college for $625,000, according to city records. Greg Maybury, director of operations at Hope College, said once the building comes down, the area will most likely be paved and turned into a parking lot for now. Future construction plans are still being discussed. We talked about different projects like… Read Article →

My father, William Henry Moffett, was a sixth-generation blacksmith who made horseshoes, repaired farm equipment for all the local dairy farmers and made metal rims for wooden wagon wheels, she said. There was a major fire in Herndon in 1917 and his blacksmith shop was the last business to burn down and the first one to be rebuilt. He worked in the new shop until he retired in 1955. It was later moved and is still used today in Frying Pan Farm Park. On Aug. 26, Mankins 90th birthday, friends and members of the Herndon… Read Article →

Follow Polygon Now! There has been research that measured the effects of buying things versus the effects of buying experiences, and the findings were that purchased experiences make us happier. So if you can buy a painting on one hand, or a trip to space on the other, the trip to space is going to do more for your happiness than the object. Think of it as buying memories, a way to spend money on interesting stories and things that enrich your life. You may be more happy budgeting for a trip to your favorite… Read Article →

Open to individuals, schools, businesses and groups, the winning entries will be displayed on the grounds of the Robert Mills House from Oct. 1 to Nov. 2. Visit for details. Tuesday 9 Scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology are working on clothing that could combat chemical weapons. MIT researchers have created hybrid materials that combine bacterial cells with nonliving elements that can conduct electricity or emit light, according to Researchers at the University of Buffalo are working to create a microscopic delivery sytem for cancer drugs that could send medication… Read Article →

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