Park Jefferson Speedway Set To Reopen This Weekend

Quick Clicks Park Jefferson Speedway set to reopen this weekend Saved BUDLONG: Raceway Park set to race on Fourth of July If you are going to make it a special event, might as well do it with a bang. | The preparation time has flown by for general manager Josh Holt and Austin Lloyd, but for fans and racers it could not come soon enough. The wait is now over. Racing is returning to Park Jefferson Speedway on Friday and Saturday. This is a grand facility and I think there are a lot of people that just want to see it open again, Holt said. A lot of people that I have talked to over the last few months, this was a home base for a lot of people. A lot of drivers started here, a lot of fans came to their first race ever here, and there is a lot of fans that were sad to just see this place sit here. Holt knows what is possible for the track that was once considered near the top of the list for racers when it came to dirt track racing. Now the 4/10ths-mile semi-banked dirt track will begin to try to reclaim that status after three years of inactivity.